HIROKI Co., Ltd. was founded in 1950 by Chairman Lin Shaoqin, and is considered to be the pioneer of Taiwan's process manufacturing industry. HIROKI started out by focusing mainly on the production of bike locks, with more emphasis on the production quantity in a very competitive market. However, the vision of Chairman Lin went beyond the limited manufacturing potential in Taiwan; he felt the need to also improve the quality of products, and thus embarked on a journey to pursue excellence in technology and quality.

Our in-depth research and development in the fields of mold design and process manufacturing accomplished revolutionary changes in the manufacturing sector in 1956. The finishing products were not only reaching sophistication in appearance, but their durability had improved significantly – such progress and professionalism in technical engineering earned HIROKI products international recognition.

By the late 1950s, HIROKI products began to expand and diversify, from manufacturing and assembly of bicycles, gas electric tool parts, sewing machine parts, steam locomotive parts, to various industrial parts; HIROKI shattered the conventional wisdom about a process manufacturing company with a new corporate position and mission.

In 1970, Chairman Lin passed down the business to the next generation Mr. Yong Chang. In addition to efficiency, Mr. Yong Chang pays more attention to quality and cultivation professional talents. He aims to create professional and comprehensive SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) from obtaining raw materials, processing, to actual manufacturing, making sure that the final product delivered to client is quality guaranteed.

Unlike traditional manufacturing SOPs, HIROKI provides a distinct development plan, design, and modification for precision parts of molds according to different companies' demands. HIROKI's cooperative team and professional knowledge are greatly favored by customers from Japan, Europe, the United States and Chinese mainland. Our excellence in performance and credibility has absolute dominance in the global market.

Faced with the competitive Southeast Asia market, HIROKI's refined and high-quality products are made-in-Taiwan throughout, which results in a good reputation and a larger market share in Taiwan.

HIROKI provides excellent service to each individual customer with efficient engineering, superb technology, and accuracy. Our persistence in making and continuing to improve good products is the reason that we have stood firm on the international stage for over half a century. The OEM/ODM parts produced by HIROKI present to you an unyielding assurance on quality and our confidence.

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